Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Hello there, 
I know, I know I've been MIA for a while. 
Well any who I'm back and will be posting new and upcoming stuff!
Let me tell you guys every day is a definite blessing. 
The one and only thing I have to repeat to many of you, is follow your dreams!!
No matter how dumb people tell you it is, no matter if people tell you that you will never make any money out of it. JUST DO IT!
My life went from feeling miserable and not knowing where I was headed, to the point where I had lost many friendships. Let me tell you, now I have people messaging me left and right, making meaningful friendships of goal minded people like myself and it is incredibly amazing! On top of it, I've been practicing on my videography and photography skills more often than I used it.
Im not sure how much more to stress it to everyone there is a certain kind of high you get from life and I'm literally high on life right now!
Enjoy every single moment of life and appreciate everyone that surrounds you! I promise you it will completely change your life around.

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