Monday, February 29, 2016

For all my ladies!

I am a huge fan of make up! I love it, not because it makes me look a certain way, it is a way of a self expression and a little confidence boost! Many individuals think that it is a way of covering up flaws...etc... 
No! for most of us, such as myself i enjoy doing my make up daily, It is a little boost of confidence not only that but it makes one look decent for any occasion. Lets be honest here the world is judgmental and yes even that little extra make up in the morning may help you score that job, or a gig. Although hard work, and discipline have to do with it as well, looks are just a branding of yourself; you are practically marketing yourself when you are looking for that next job, career or business. As a freelancer if you want to wear that extra make up, those heels, that nice blazer, go ahead; you never know who you may come across that day! 

                                     -Happy Blogging ladies.

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